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LG Vu camera

A few weeks ago, I looked at the LG CU920 (Vu).

I was rather disappointed overall, but I was impressed with the 2 megapixel camera, which features auto-focus and macro, but no flash.

The resulting pictures speak for themselves. Nice eh?

It’s amazing how much of a difference auto-focus, macro, a decent glass lens, a 2-stage shutter button and decent image processing can make…

Low-light performance is pretty good, but colors fade a bit in bright light. I can live without the flash :)

The only major problem I experienced was with the EXIF date being wrong for each picture, while the file creation date was right.

In the end, this is definitely the best 2 megapixel camera I’ve used since Sony Ericsson’s W800i, and I’ve played with quite a few!

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  1. What’s the easiest way to get the pictures to your computer? I tried bluetooth, it doesn’t always work, and moving them one by one to the memory card takes forever!

  2. I was wondering if you could advise about camera phones as of 3/1/09. I just purchased a 2-year AT&T plan and am quite new to anything but a no-frills cel. I just started the plan with a Samsung Eternity but an in-store comparison with the Vu shows the Vu far excelling in macro and auto-focus, even though it’s only a 2 mega pix camera. I think I am going to swap for the Vu even though it is an older camera and so is panned by most reviewers next to the Eternity. Thank you, and thanks for such a helpful site!

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