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Nokia N95 8 GB, US version

Thanks to Nseries WOM World, I was recently able to use a Nokia N95 8GB, US version (N95-4) for a few weeks. Being the past owner of an original Nokia N95 and the current owner of a Nokia N95-3, I was very excited to get my dirty little hands on a Nokia N95 8 GB :)

The main differences between the N95 8GB and the N95 are screen size (2.8″ vs. 2.6″) and flash storage (8 GB built-in vs. expandable micro-SDHC). I suggest you check out my pictures.

I’m madly in love with the larger screen! It’s even protected by a thicker plastic window that’s virtually flush with the housing (ie. it’s frame-less).

I’m not nearly as excited about the 8 GB built-in flash storage… Micro-SDHC flash storage currently tops at 16 GB (32 GB max.), and a separate micro-SDHC card reader provides significantly faster transfers than the sub-par USB 2.0 interface present on the device.

One day, I’d like to combine the “plum” back housing, battery & lens cover of the N95-1, the guts of the N95-3 with micro-SDHC and US-compatible HSDPA, and the front housing & larger screen of the N95 8 GB into the definitive franken-N95 :)

Ultimately, you’re choosing between a larger screen + 8 GB built-in flash storage vs. a smaller screen + expandable micro-SDHC flash storage. Either way, you’re getting loads of sexy über-phone goodness and one of the best cameras on the market today.

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  1. Just got a perfect condition used one for only $525.

    Signed up with ATT and see the 3.5G indicator all the time. Sometimes but rarly I see ‘E’dge and just 3G.

    Did a Speedtest and am seeing 1.3 Mb download speeds.

    Youtube videos play great on the non-mobile Youtube site since the device has Flash.

    Great phone.

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