So I’ve been back from the desert for about a week – take a look at my pictures, snapped with my Nokia N95-3 :)

Now that I’ve returned, here’s what’s happening:
– I’m playing with a Nokia E71 for a couple weeks
– Tomorrow I’m heading to Helsinki for the Nokia Open Lab workshops…
– Then I’m off to Austin GDC!
– I’m still waiting for some parts to arrive for part 3 of my multi-part post on modding the Acer Aspire One


8 Responses to Interlude

  1. Infallable1 says:

    Please have a go at the Dell Inspiron mini 9. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it as it compares to the eee900. Thanks.

  2. jkkmobile says:

    I live few blocks away from the Nokia event… drop me a line if you have time to chat when you get here..

  3. Ant$ says:

    i miss the playa

  4. Redline says:

    hey are you going to the nokia labs to do stuff related to maemo/N8x0?

    what will the third installment on the acer cover?

  5. Tiago Faria says:

    Can’t wait for the Part 3 of the Aspire One! ;)

  6. Ivor says:

    What parts have you ordered for your 3G mod? I’ll get mine ordered ready!

  7. boy says:

    also can’t wait for the part 3 3G aspire one mod…my ducklet friend and i both purchased this unit, and both would love to do the 3G mod!!!

  8. Burner8510 says:

    Hey thanks for the great 3G Mod !

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