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Nokia 5800 in pictures

Here is a set of pictures of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic for your viewing pleasure! The set includes cameos by its ancestor, the Nokia 7710, and other devices…

I used my Nokia N85-3 to take most of the pictures :)


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  1. is it me or does the N85 seem to have a hard time focusing properly? Some of the pictures by the n85 seem to no be in focus.

  2. @caliboy99

    I don’t know what you are talking about. Most of the pictures are properly focused (I used the N85 for all but the last 5 pictures – look at the tags) . I used the macro, so some of the pictures have a shallow depth of field. This is normal.

    I purposely turned the flash off, so a few pictures are a bit blurry because I was shooting in less than ideal light and I moved a bit during the exposure. If you look at similar pictures I’ve taken with other Nseries devices (like my N95) you’ll see that the N85 performs just as well in the same conditions.

  3. “I purposely turned the flash off, so a few pictures are a bit blurry ”

    Ok, i’m glad your seeing what i’m seeing. Your right picture mode and lighting do factor in, i probably should of said blurry instead of focused earlier.

  4. Hey tnkgrl…

    What’s up? I see you getting hook on S60 eh? lolz..

    Well anyways.. My question for you is..

    Comparison 5800XM over the iPhone?

    I know your a big fan of the iPhone as well ever since we met in Finland..

  5. The photos of superb, really show how vibrant the colours are on the 5800, you are right, without that extra protective layer over the touch screen you can see it so much more brighter.

  6. I got my 5800 yesterday, what an amazing piece of artwork.

    everything just blends in together, unfortunately there is no easy way to sync from an Windows 6.1 to Nokia Symbian OS, so that took a good portion of my day. but overall I am very happy with the phone, nice Speaker, nice feel, speed is good. The only problem I have had with the phone so far is when the thing goes into standby there is no way to tell from top to bottom, the top is identical to the bottom. No biggie.

  7. wait a sec, Application is the last icon on my phone whats down there. I can’t slide down there the slider doesn’t even appear.

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