Podcast: Talking with Matt #3

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Welcome to my 3rd podcast (41 min) with Matthew Bennett – well, the audio version anyway! Look for the video version on his blog…

Topics include the Nokia N85, the Nokia 5800, Google Maps, N-series, photography and video recording. It’s a bit long, but let’s just blame the cold and rainy day :)

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4 Responses to Podcast: Talking with Matt #3

  1. Lauri says:

    I’m waiting for the video to see it but I’m really glad you decided to start (or at least felt like) doing more of these podcasts together because the previous ones have been really cool.

  2. […] Make sure you check out tnkgrl Mobile, and subscribe to her feed.  She has also posted an audio version of this chat. […]

  3. […] N-Series US – Talking with tnkgrl Episode 3  video, tnkgrl Mobile has audio […]

  4. Gate says:

    Wonderful stuff. Thanks!

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