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Podcast: Talking with Matt #4

Here’s my latest audio podcast (37 min) with Matthew Bennett, recorded outside Farley’s! It’s also available as a video podcast on his blog

In this edition, we discussed (amongst other things) the worsening low-light performance of Nokia’s latest crop of devices (N96/N85/N79/5800/E71), vs. Nokia’s former devices (N82/N95) and vs. other camera phones, from the spectacular i-mobile 902 to the pedestrian T-Mobile G1.

Other topics include the impressive Palm Pre, and how Nokia should bite the bullet and support Android on the N97 (in addition to Symbian), or just eat the zombie’s brains buy Palm and support WebOS on the N97 :)

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  1. Nokia very nearly did buy Palm several years ago, as well as working with them on a pre-Treo plan to port the Palm UI to Symbian OS (project Puck) before deciding there was no value in anything Palm had to offer at that time. Nokia’s widget runtime with platform services works exactly like the webOS development environment, while also offering real C++ APIs for games, multimedia etc that need to hit the hardware.

  2. I am disappointed with the N85, too, and have gone back to the original N95-1. Camera is lots better on the old one, and the firmware update is awesome. I don’t have 3G where I live, but uploading to anything (Vox, Flickr, Ovi) is super fast on the N95, and really horrible on the N85. I’ll be selling my N85 as soon as I can.

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