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Macworld wrap-up

I only have one word to summarize Macworld this year: meh…

Sure, Apple added some nice features to iWork ’09 and iLife ’09 (especially in iMovie), and the MacBook Pro 17″ is a good update, but where is the new Mac mini? I was hoping for Apple to go out with a bit more of a bang!

The rest of the expo was just row after row of Mac/iPhone/iPod accessories, as usual, with the exception of Etymotic Research and the Axiotron ModBook Pro & ModBook.

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On a positive note, I got to spend some time with the TUAW crew, and catch a screening of Welcome to Mactintosh (thanks Mike), followed by a Q&A with Guy Kawasaki, Leander Kahney, Jim Reekes, Andy Hertzfeld, Woz, and Ron Wayne.

Above is a video of part 1 of the Q&A, and below is parts 2, 3, 4 & 5.

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  1. have you guys ever heard of a TRIPOD???!!! it’s great that you covered the wrap-up, but god damnit use a f*cking tripod next time!!! it’s unbearable to watch the dizzying video.

  2. @alf

    Have you ever heard of not being a dickhead?

    First of all, my blog is not run by a bunch of guys, but by one girl, me!

    Second, I didn’t use a tripod because I made this video spur of the moment using my camera phone, (in fact, the first 3 parts were streamed live to…

    Why don’t you create your own content before bashing others’ work?

  3. What were you thinking?

    tnkgrl I’m sorry to say this is not about you but about the very poor planing from the producers of the movie. They should have known better…terrible audio…un-viewable video and the worst mike technique I’ve ever heard. I hope the documentary has some production value.
    Lav mikes and a pro cameraman with a real camera would have made a huge difference in the interviews…yes it would have cost a few bucks but I need a compressor to hear the audio and iMovie to watch the video. The sad thing is that it reflects on the Movie. You know that thing they say about first impressions…well this is a bad one. I’m a Mac fan but I couldn’t get through watching the first segment. You guys screwed the pooch on this one! Very very un-professional!!!

    tnkgrl thanks for at least getting video of this event! Nice job when all you had was an iPhone!

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