Macworld wrap-up

January 11, 2009

I only have one word to summarize Macworld this year: meh…

Sure, Apple added some nice features to iWork ’09 and iLife ’09 (especially in iMovie), and the MacBook Pro 17″ is a good update, but where is the new Mac mini? I was hoping for Apple to go out with a bit more of a bang!

The rest of the expo was just row after row of Mac/iPhone/iPod accessories, as usual, with the exception of Etymotic Research and the Axiotron ModBook Pro & ModBook.

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Macworld: MacBook Pro 17″

January 6, 2009

Here’s video and some pictures of the MacBook Pro 17″ at Macworld.

Although I’m not a fan of large notebooks, I’m pretty impressed with how thin, light and solid the MacBook Pro is for a 17″ portable.

It’s also very interesting that Apple decided to use an integrated battery – for better or for worse, it’s the way of the future :)