Sony VAIO P – HSDPA mod

So, after more tinkering with the Sony VAIO P, I have successfully managed to mod the Gobi radio from Qualcomm (built-in WWAN) from EDVO-only to EGDE/HSDPA!

I have documented the process with a how-to and some pictures

Enjoy :)


43 Responses to Sony VAIO P – HSDPA mod

  1. Vaio Z says:

    Can we apply similar method to mod the Vaio Z HSDPA that is also locked to Verizon?

  2. tnkgrl says:

    @Vaio Z

    – Is it equipped with the same WWAN radio (Gobi module that handles both CDMA and GSM/UMTS)?
    – Is there space on the motherboard for a missing SIM holder?

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  6. jkOnTheRun » Blog Archive Sony Vaio P hacked for HSDPA- scary stuff « says:

    […] accept limitations in her mobile gear, tnkgrl (who I was happy to meet recently) took her shiny new Vaio P and opened it up to both a soldering iron and a hacker’s toolkit.  The end result is a new Vaio P with HSDPA […]

  7. joey says:

    amazing work… bravo.

    if only the unit was faster….

    or I had some money to burn. It is a sweet unit, much sweeter with this mod.

  8. […] Since there was no elusive SIM card slot found like there was on the HP Mini 1000, the modder had to solder in her own. So the hack is not for the faint of heart, but it’s confirmed working. Check out the how-to and some photos of the action. [tnkgrl] […]

  9. Tshog says:

    Awesome work ! Congrats !

    I am in the process of buying the Japanese version with the 1.86 processor, 64 SSD and a Wlan/GPS from . The only issue is that the WLan comes locked for an European company and I would have to unlock it :( I will try your method after I get it (They will not ship it before March). The software part I can do without a problem, but hopefully they have the SIM card slot … (because I completely suck at soldering :( )

    Again, awesome work !

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  11. […] has concluded her Sony Vaio P by adding GSM support. We covered the switch to XP earlier, but this should work on Vista too. The Vaio P is sold in the […]

  12. […] has concluded her Sony Vaio P by adding GSM support. We covered the switch to XP earlier, but this should work on Vista too. The Vaio P is sold in the […]

  13. […] Right, so integrated WWAN is awesome. But what’s not awesome is Sony’s decision to lock you down to Verizon Wireless on its ritzy new VAIO P. We’ve seen one team of investigators hack away in search of a SIM slot to no avail, but we should’ve known tnkgrl was the real lady for the job. Once again proving just how awesome she is, tnkgrl has not only modified the VAIO P to accept an AT&T SIM card, but she’s managed to get it working, host up the pictures to prove it and even provide a how-to guide enabling seasoned hackers to follow suit. Hit the read link for all the requisite details, but be sure you’ve got lots of spare time to give before taking this one on.Source […]

  14. […] Sony VAIO P – HSDPA mod — Tnkgrl of tnkgrl Mobile, has managed to unlock the VAIO P’s EVDO only 3G to allow for HSDPA as well; all it took was a $1 part and a bit of hacking. […]

  15. bora says:

    where can I buy the sims60 push push sim connector online?

  16. Athreya says:


    Now if i just want to stop at the first half after unlocking it from Verizon. And NOT get into the soldering bit, can i then use it on ANY CDMA network in the world?

  17. david says:

    will this work for tmobile usa

  18. Платон says:

    11 сентября – оказывается День граненого стакана) с прошедшим!

  19. Vlad says:

    Hi All,
    I have Vaio TT with the same module.
    I was able to apply the sotware hack with Vista (no need of XP downgrade) but I am not sure about the hw part.

    I was trying to found some SIM emulation or some other software or external way to make it work with Vodafone or other provider.

    Any ideas?
    (I dont want to open it (it is brand new) and brake it.)

    Thanks in advance

  20. atics says:

    HSDPA is very fast but must be supported by wide coverage..sometimes i cannot get this connection, many blank spot

  21. sahid says:

    Hi, I want to buy a Vaio P from Hong Kong, after buying if I do this MOD, will it be able to use my country’s local operator’s SIM?? Pls help me…

  22. society says:

    Hi, I like your job and hope you have time for mine question. I own a usa vaio p but live in europe and I did use your tweak and it worked fine. now I updated the vzacces manager to the latest version (its a very nice update) but I cant use the tweak because the config.ini and mdm*.inf” file are missing so its impossible to rename them.

    hope you have the time to give it a look

    thanks in advance

    • tnkgrl says:

      Yeah, bad idea… Verizon updated the software to prevent my hack! I recommend downgrading back to the original version.

      • thepinkpanter says:

        Hello tnkgrl,

        I own the vaio Z790DLX and after I bought it I did the IFX-498 simconnector upgrade and installed the GTM382,
        now I would like to install the Gobi 2000,
        but which driver should I use for the W7 64 bit?
        till now i found all Z series with the UNDP-1 only….may I use the same driver?

        which softwer kit you suggest to install in order to make it working without Verizon problems?

  23. Michel says:

    For those with a Vaio P with the Gobi 2000 chipset on Win7, I succeeded using the above mod (i.e., soldering a sim card connector) and then replacing the content of the C:\Program files\QUALCOMM\Images\Sony\1 folder (the amss.mbn and apps.mbn files, leaving the uqcn.mbn file alone) with the 2 files on the UMTS folder.

    This was the only way I could get the gobi firmware uploader to work.

    The VZ application still complains when I insert a non-Verizon/Vodafone SIM Card, but I could easily add an additional network (APN, user, pwd) and connect to it without the VZ Access Mgr.

    All working now, except the GPS.. still trying to fix that..

  24. mango says:

    Hi thepinkoapanther,
    Where do you get your ifx-498 board? Can you tell me the contact where to buy,


  25. edition says:

    anybody can help me with an answer ?
    How to make the CDMA working for other provider (i added the sim card slot already).
    But haven’t done anything in hacking the 3G, i plan to use the CDMA, but when i slot in the CDMA Sim Card, nothing happen.

  26. Yuzza says:

    Can u help me to unlock my vaio vgn-p530,,so it can be use at other(Indonesia)CDMA network

  27. Willy says:

    I own a P530H with win7, I got working the GPS and installed the SIM socket, but I can not find the VZAccess for Vista, and the mod is not working because I’m using the Windows version. Where can I found the Vista version to downgrade it? Thank you in advance.

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  29. nebru says:

    Thank you for taking the occasion to explain this idea. I’m happy I discovered your website on this matter. I’m doing analysis on this field right now and this assisted me a lot. Keep up the good work.

  30. aiamuzz says:


    I just want to know if the Gobi Devices (un2400 & un2420) using the Verizon network in US connect using a Verizon SIM card. Also Verizon is a CDMA service isn’t it ?

    If so then the above gobi devices connect normally through a CDMA sim as well, right ?


    • tnkgrl says:

      CDMA devices in North America do not use SIMs. Verizon devices with SIMS include LTE modems and phones, and “global” phones, which roam on GSM when outside the US.

  31. Alex Trần says:

    I’ve just got my p788k and I really hope I can do the same modding with my vaio p. I’m using win 7 32 bit. Can this also work with p788k win 7? and can I use SIMs from others network’s provider like from Asian?

  32. fast youtube views…

    […]Sony VAIO P – HSDPA mod | tnkgrl Mobile[…]…

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