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CTIA: Interview with David Wood (Symbian)

Here’s a very informative 15-minute video interview with David Wood from day 1 at CTIA. Matt and I asked him about current and upcoming Symbian Foundation operating systems, user interfaces, and devices.

Enjoy :)


CTIA, Symbian, Video

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  1. What many people don’t know is that David Wood is the godfather of Symbian.

    I first met mr. Wood 15 years ago, while working at Psion HQ in London. This man is a living legend. Without him, there would never have been a smartphone. He was the mentor of people eventually jumped over to Apple’s Ipod and Iphone departement, to Microsofts Mobile devision, and most probably to Android and Palm. He wrote the first line of code of what eventually became the Symbian OS.

    This person is first hand the reason of your website tnkgrl. Without him you would review new fridges and fancy coloured lightbulbes

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