Unboxing the Nokia E75, US version

What’s incredibly hot and superbly built? The Nokia E75, US version – in ruby red, of course!

I’ve always been a fan of Nokia’s Eseries devices, especially QWERTY ones like the E71. So ever since the E75 was announced at Mobile World Congress, I’ve been secretly coveting it :)

Before I put it through its paces, here are some pictures and a video (including a few poses with my VAIO P).

I want to thank Molly at Nokia Blogger Relations for sending me a pre-production E75, in my choice of color, on a Saturday, just in time for my business trip to Montréal


4 Responses to Unboxing the Nokia E75, US version

  1. Nokia E75 Unboxing…

    Tnkgrl hat ein neues Nokia E75 in der US-Version in ihre Hände bekomme und selbstverständlich vor laufender Kamera ausgepackt. Das Nokia E75 ist ein schickes und schlankes Slider Handy. Tnkgrl hat auch noch schöne Bilder von dem Handy gemacht, unt……

  2. […] for an in-depth unboxing of the Nokia E75? Then look no further… Courtesy of Tnkgrl, here are 9 solid minutes of the device action, from box to ‘table covered in box […]

  3. kamel says:

    شكرا شكرا

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