Nokia E75 first impressions

I’ve been using the Nokia E75, US version for a little over a week and I’m very much in love :)

I was in Montréal on a business trip for most of the week, so I was able to evaluate it in a proper setting.

First impressions? Like most other Eseries devices, build quality is top-notch. The E75 looks and feels expensive. The back cover is stainless steel and is laser-etched for better grip. The spring-assisted slider feels buttery smooth and makes a satisfying sound.

Despite being a bit small, the 2.4″ QVGA screen is quite bright. The QWERTY keyboard is easy to type on, but the D-pad feels too stiff. The E75 lacks the usual power/profile button (the red “end call” button is used instead) and a dedicated key lock switch (which I’ve come to appreciate on other phones).

Overall, this is a really well-rounded device. It improves upon the excellent E71 with Feature Pack 2, nicer messaging software (with HTML support), significantly better camera firmware, a standard 3.5 mm audio connector, and USB charging (in addition to the standard Nokia power connector) …

As much as I like the E71, I think the E75 is going to take the crown as my favorite Eseries phone!

Stay tuned for more.


6 Responses to Nokia E75 first impressions

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  2. Ad says:


    one question from a maybe future customer ;-)

    with the cable delivered in the standard box to plug the cellphone to the computer (USB Cable) does it actually charge the cellphone or should I order the specific usb charging cable?

    thanks !

  3. Ad says:

    Thanks for your reply!
    Then i guess it is not needed to buy such a cable:

  4. Nokia Themes says:

    holy shit, what a cool phone, thanks for posting sir.

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