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Nokia E75 camera

There’s no doubt the Nokia E75 is a great device. But the camera really surprised me…

With 3.2 a megapixel sensor, auto-focus, macro, a single LED flash, and VGA video recording at 30 fps, the E75 camera specs fall somewhere in between the “mehNokia 5800 camera (which features dual LED flash and Zeiss optics) and the mediocre E66/E71 camera (which only features QVGA video recording at 15 fps).

But in reality, the E75 leaves the 5800 in the dust, beats the decent T-Mobile G1 and teases the excellent BlackBerry Storm to the finish line – check out the pictures and judge for yourself!

Color balance, exposure, and level of detail are fantastic, especially in daylight – in fact, the E75 camera performance approaches that of the 5 megapixel N85/N79 camera.

Like the camera in most recent Nokias, the Achilles’ heel of the E75 is low-light performance. It’s better than the 5800, generally matching the G1, but overshadowed (ha! pun…) by the Storm. At least, it’s only noticeable in very low light.

Even video recording is pretty nice. VGA (640×480 pixels) at 30 fps? Yes we can. Here’s a sample video

Overall, this is a camera I can live with – it’s absolutely good enough. And for a business phone, it’s definitely impressive :)

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  1. I agree 101% ! The camera has better handling of darkness than the E90 and even the N95 imho. And the video recording… wow… true 29-30 fps motion. The E90 (which had probably the best Eseries camera till now) gets only 22-23 fps sustained. The N95/N95 8GB used to get no better than 24-25 fps sustained. The video light is fantastic, and lets not even start on the great emailing and other communication features….

  2. That video recording performance is a little shocking, especially in a business-oriented phone. I’m looking forward to playing with it. Sounds like the camera will be good enough that I won’t be tempted to buy an inexpensive video camera, which means buying this phone is actually saving me money, right? :)

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