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My spouse reviews the Palm Pre

The irony of my crazy Palm Pre adventure is that before the mishap, my spouse actually got more hands-on time than me!

Here’s my spouse’s non-technical review of the Palm “whatever it’s called”…

– Hey, this doesn’t weight much and it’s a smaller size that fits easy in my hand.
– Ouch, who designed this slider and decided sharp edges was a good idea right by the keyboard? Bad design.
– Nice big screen, very responsive to touch. Wait, I thought this was going to be like my old Palm interface? It’s not.
– OK, now on to the real test. Can I connect to my email? That was easy; I added my new email and yup, there it is.
– I’m bored. I need to watch some YouTube. Easy to find browser and connect… Wait, it’s not loading!
– Fuck you, Sprint! Same damn problem as when the iPhone came out. Carriers aren’t prepared for the data traffic.
– Hey wait. What’s this part by the button? Oh, that’s touch sensitive too; not just the screen… Very interesting.
– Overall, very easy to use out of the box and without any tutorial. Not as easy as the iPhone but easier than the G1
– Physically the design is meh, the interface is good, and a 7 year-old or a middle-aged white yuppie dude can use it for everything they need.

So there you have it :)


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  1. “a 7 year-old or a middle-aged white yuppie dude can use it for everything they need.”

    Palm should use that quote in their marketing.

  2. Not sure how rural the area is you live in, but I haven’t had any issue w/ streaming youtube.

    • @tom, as you can see in my profile, I live in the heart of San Francisco and have 5 bars of signal – so this should be a non-issue :)

  3. Thanks for posting, I look forward to hearing when you have more experience with it. I have a Palm Centro, which I got so that the transition from my Palm Pilot would be easier. I love it, but I have oft wondered if I would love an i phone more and what my upgrade potentials will be. A few people have told me lately that palms will soon be a thing of the past.

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