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My spouse reviews the Palm Pre

The irony of my crazy Palm Pre adventure is that before the mishap, my spouse actually got more hands-on time than me!

Here’s my spouse’s non-technical review of the Palm “whatever it’s called”…

– Hey, this doesn’t weight much and it’s a smaller size that fits easy in my hand.
– Ouch, who designed this slider and decided sharp edges was a good idea right by the keyboard? Bad design.
– Nice big screen, very responsive to touch. Wait, I thought this was going to be like my old Palm interface? It’s not.
– OK, now on to the real test. Can I connect to my email? That was easy; I added my new email and yup, there it is.
– I’m bored. I need to watch some YouTube. Easy to find browser and connect… Wait, it’s not loading!
– Fuck you, Sprint! Same damn problem as when the iPhone came out. Carriers aren’t prepared for the data traffic.
– Hey wait. What’s this part by the button? Oh, that’s touch sensitive too; not just the screen… Very interesting.
– Overall, very easy to use out of the box and without any tutorial. Not as easy as the iPhone but easier than the G1
– Physically the design is meh, the interface is good, and a 7 year-old or a middle-aged white yuppie dude can use it for everything they need.

So there you have it :)


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  1. “a 7 year-old or a middle-aged white yuppie dude can use it for everything they need.”

    Palm should use that quote in their marketing.

    • @tom, as you can see in my profile, I live in the heart of San Francisco and have 5 bars of signal – so this should be a non-issue :)

  2. Thanks for posting, I look forward to hearing when you have more experience with it. I have a Palm Centro, which I got so that the transition from my Palm Pilot would be easier. I love it, but I have oft wondered if I would love an i phone more and what my upgrade potentials will be. A few people have told me lately that palms will soon be a thing of the past.

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