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Nokia N97 vs. Samsung i8910 camera

Tonight I attended the “Drinks with Nokia” event here in San Francisco, together with [name dropping] Ewan MacLeod (MIR, MDTV), Matthew Bennett (Nseries US, UMI), Dennis Bournique (Wap review), Kevin Neely (Rubbernecking), and the lovely crew from Ubergizmo, amongst others [/name dropping]

Once again I was able to play with the Nokia N97 and the Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD) – better yet, I was able to take pictures and make videos with each. The N97, although a prototype, was running the latest firmware, and was rock solid. The i8910 was running the Orange production firmware, but was less stable. Both devices are great, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Here are my pictures and videos, including cameos by my Palm Pre and the HTC Magic (a phone I can’t take a clear picture of, apparently).

Update: Full sets of pictures and additional videos here.

Matt’s video:


N97 sample pictures (not ideal, taken through dirty windows):

i8910 sample pictures (not ideal, taken through dirty windows):

N97 sample video (download original):

i8910 sample HD video (download original):

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