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The Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD) is here

Forget my Palm Pre, forget the iPhone 3G S… I have something better to put my dirty little hands on. I have a Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD) to play with for a few days (thanks Ewan)!

It’s the Orange UK branded/locked version, so I have to be reasonable with my voice, SMS, and data activity since the phone is roaming on AT&T (3G, even) – thank goodness for WiFi :)

In case you’ve been living under a rock and have somehow missed my past coverage of this tasty powerhouse of a device, let me refresh your memory:

– Symbian S60v5 touch
– 3.7″ 640×360 OLED capacitive touchscreen
– 8 megapixel camera with auto-focus, macro, single LED flash, geo-tagging, and 720p HD video recording at 24 fps
– 3G (2100/1900/900 HSUPA), 2G (quad-band EDGE), WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, GPS, compass
– 8GB on-board flash storage, micro-SDHC card slot, standard micro-USB connector, standard 3.5 mm audio connector
– Ultra thin, no hardware keyboard

Are you drooling yet? Bonus pictures and video after the break.


8 thoughts on “The Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD) is here Leave a comment

  1. You *really* shouldn’t try to draw any conclusions on the i8910 while using an Orange branded unit. If you wanted to give your readers a fair comparison, you should have gotten an unlocked i8910.

    An Orange i8910 is pretty much a prototype-firmware i8910. You’ve been warned.

    • @Anonymouse, you know what?

      Considering that the likelihood of this phone coming to the US (on contract or even unlocked) is close to nil, I’ll take whatever I can get, especially when it’s temporary and free!

      This being said, I’m well aware that branded/locked devices are far from ideal to review…

      BTW, gray market, unlocked units are currently selling for over $1000 US!

  2. @tnkgrl

    OH LAWDY, finally someone has the i8910 on AT&T!

    I’ve been waiting for this phone for a while (and someone to get it here in the US), and I want to use it on AT&T. I’ve dieing to know, how does it perform on AT&T’s network? My biggest concern is that I get this phone and then I’m running around on the Edge network.

    Also, a quick search on Froogle finds the i8910 for roughly $500 – $800 unlocked. Don’t know how legitimate the prices are, but still.


  3. What can i say? This phone is truly a pleasurable phone. The battery life is amazing. You can be tapping away for hours and it just works and works and works. Im off the belief that the new smaller usb format, of usb micro means more features in even smaller phones.
    This phone is well worth the money. I suspect there will be a shortage approaching Christmas.

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