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Nokia 6790 (Surge) iSync plugin

There’s apparently no iSync plugin yet from Nokia for the 6790 (Surge), so I used my developer skills and whipped one together. Simply download, unzip and copy to the /Library/PhonePlugins folder! After pairing your 6790, run iSync, and select Devices|Add Device…

Enjoy :)


6790, iSync, Nokia, Surge

17 thoughts on “Nokia 6790 (Surge) iSync plugin Leave a comment

  1. I tried googling for that last hour but no avail. I can transfer from phone to mac via bluetooth no problem, but the other way round seems to barf. Any thoughts? – tks

  2. Hi. I downloaded and installed the plugin (OSX Lion), created the PhonePlugins folder under /Library/, paired the phone, restarted computer, opened iSync and tried to Add a Device. I can see the phone, but I get the message that iSync doesn’t support my 6790 phone. Any thoughts on what I might be doing incorrectly?


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