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Unboxing the HTC Hero, US version

What’s the first Android device with CDMA and the Sense UI? The HTC Hero, US version, of course!

A few days ago, I was lucky to attend the Sprint Open Developer Conference (thanks Tony) and to receive a free Hero (like the other participants). But then the Motorola Droid crashed the party :)

So here is a proper Hero unboxing, albeit slightly delayed. Enjoy my pictures above and my video after the break…

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  1. Does anyone know which type of video information are supported? I keep in mind the Intuition solely may dl 3gp using opera mini. I downloaded the twist ap, possibly that’s the problem? How can I watch videos from sites apart from youtube? Which file types? Usually I’m given the option of 3gp or mpeg4. Cannot get either to work. Thank you for your time! Rattling I wish I used to be eligible for the improve to EVO!

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