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Quickie: HTC Touch Pro2

Quickie is a new column wherein I’ll provide quick reviews of devices I’ve used for a few days, complete with pictures & video, pros & cons, and camera samples.

The HTC Touch Pro2 (Sprint version) is a lot like the HTC Touch Pro, but bigger & heavier…

It features a larger & higher resolution screen (800×480 pixels), a tilting keyboard, a CDMA+GSM radio (unlocked, but the GSM firmware is crippled not to connect to US networks), a standard 3.5 mm audio connector (missing on the GSM-only model), and the same 3 megapixel auto-focus camera (albeit without flash).

The hardware is top-notch, but the software falls short – HTC’s TouchFlo 3D interface is excellent, but underneath, Windows Mobile 6.1 is still a mess!

Device pictures and video:

– Large & high-resolution screen
– Great keyboard
– CDMA+GSM radio
– Standard 3.5 mm audio connector
– Decent camera
– TouchFlo 3D interface

– Big & heavy
– Resistive touchscreen
– Crippled GSM firmware
– Windows Mobile 6.1

Camera samples (slide show):

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  1. Hey there tnkgrl,

    nice review, thanks for posting it. Is the HTC Touch Pro’s Keyboard as nice as people say? I always wondered..

    and by the way… when will the new “Talking with Matt” episode be published? :)


  2. irst, I want to say that I am not a big fan of the o.s. (win 6.1) that is on my phone. Especially after seeing a few of my friends phones whom sport the Android o.s. and have tons of cool apps!
    So, I called HTC’s tech dept. and they told me that, although the Android software wasn’t available for the TP2 thru HTC, it was out there and that was being succesfully installed. He also informed me that, once installed, the warranty was useless.
    I’m thinking “if” I can find a working version for the TP2 and burn it over WM 6.1, if any problems arise, I should be able to remove and default back, right?
    Has anyone here or know of anyone that has successfully installed Android on a TP2 and, if so, how do I get me a copy and install?

    Plz answers my questions on or you can email me Thank you!

    • Coolfx35, Did you find a copy of Android for your TP2 or get in useful info? I’m searching for Android for my TP2, in fact i am willing for pay for, because Android on TP2 would be a dream.

      Look forward to hearing from u

  3. I bought a new Verizon Touch Pro2 on ebay a few weeks ago, July 2010.

    I bought a Verizon Droid around jan 2010 and liked it a lot. Great phone, one of the best smartphones I have ever had.

    I guess smartphones are like videogames are for other people. After I have seen every setting on the phone and learned what the phone can and can’t do, I get bored with the phone.

    I started looking around. Pretty difficult to find anything better than a moto droid. Then I remembered the Verizon Touch Pro 2 from HTC. I previously owned a Sprint 6700 and an at&t Tilt. The touch pro2 is the successor in that line of phones.

    Everybody knows Windows Mobile is going away. So I figured this is my last chance with Windows Mobile, an old friend.

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