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Samsung T939 (Behold II) in pictures

A little over a year after releasing the HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1, T-Mobile recently introduced its fourth Android device, the Samsung T939 (Behold II), and provided me with a review unit :)

The Behold II follows in the footsteps of the T929 (Memoir) and the T919 (Behold). Like them, it’s a nice touchscreen phone with a good camera. Unlike them, it’s a smartphone running Android, with a capacitive OLED display, WiFi, and standard audio & USB connectors…

It features the same form factor as the the HTC Magic/T-Mobile myTouch3G (no physical keyboard), but deviates from standard Android with TouchWiz, yet another custom user interface similar to BLUR on the Motorola CLIQ, and Sense on the HTC Hero.

Frankly, this user interface fragmentation is a shame. Standard Android is fine – just ask the phenomenal Motorola Droid! Why bother with a custom look and feel?

I’ll be testing the Behold II on my primary line for a few days, so stay tuned for more thoughts and experiences. In the meantime, check out my pictures and video:

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  1. don’t buy samsung … they made so many crappy phones and screwed over so many customers who thought they would get android upgrades, they should go under.

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