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Podcast: Talking with Matt #20 (Anniversary special)

It’s time for another podcast (13 min) with Matthew Bennett (Nokia Daily News, US Mobile Industry):
Audio version
Video version

This Last week we celebrated the first anniversary of this podcast (already?) and the 3rd anniversary of my blog :)

Unfortunately, Matt’s camera battery died while recording, so we continued filming with the Nokia N900 but without the mic.

We discussed the cream of the crop for 2009: the Motorola Droid, the Nokia N900, the Palm Pre, and the Apple iPhone 3GS!

Other topic include the Samsung T939 (Behold II), and some commentary on Symbian and the Nokia N97

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  2. I was hoping to see what your predictions for 2010 would be in terms of phones and what you’d like to see. Perhaps in the next edition of talking with tnkgrl and MB…

  3. I’m surprised you went with the Android as best phone. I had one for 30 days and it was a love\hate thing, and unfortunately, the hate won out. The battery life was the worst I have every experienced in a phone, especially if the gps was used, about 30 minutes the battery would be dead.

    Even without wifi or gps on the phone would not last a whole day and that was with no apps running other than the standard ones.

    I also had way too many random reboots. At least 3-4 times a week the phone would reset itself for no apparent reason.

    I did love the call quality, the browsing, speed was good and its openness, but I need a phone\device that works and us reliable which I did not find the Droid to be.

    Anyhoo, keep up the reviews and videos, love them!


    • Sounds like your Droid was a completely different device – I have zero problems with battery life :)

      There’s a huge difference between Android before 2.0 and Android after 2.0, not to mention the Droid (and upcoming Nexus One) is on a different planet from anything that came before it…

      BTW, any modern phone will suck the battery dry using GPS!

  4. Hmm, I wonder if I got a bad Droid…it was seriously a bummer experience with the battery and reboots.

    I hear you on the GPS, but what I find a little frustrating is that I have a dedicated GPS device that has bluetooth on the whole time and RDS traffic radio and the screen on the whole time and the battery will last 4-5 hours.

    Or, my BB Bold has GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth and the cell radio and it will last all day long without a charge with all of those radios going.

    I just think there is a lot of room for optimization on the Android platform that has not happened yet. I have not given up on the Android platform, I think I will try again when one of those kickin’ 1GHz Snapdragons are available with 2.1 (yeah, I know, I want the zippy processor, gps, wifi AND battery life… :)

    • You should be getting more than 1/2 hour with the GPS running on any phone…

      Here is my usage pattern:
      – CDMA/3G: on
      – WiFi: on
      – Bluetooth: off
      – Location: on
      – Sync: on
      – Auto brightness: on
      – 2 Gmail, 1 Gcalendar, 1 Gtalk, 1 Gcontacts accounts all pushing/syncing
      – Twitter @ and DM notifications (Swift)
      – Rare use of media, calls and texts
      – Occasional use of camera, browser and maps
      – Regular use of mail and Twitter

      I can go 2 days like this, turning off for 6 hours at night!

      Perhaps you installed a stray app that was draining the battery? I’ve seen it happen on Android before.

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