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Unboxing the Nukia O1/Q1 (fake Nokia 7705)

Oh KIRF, how we love you :)

Chris Zeigler reminded me today of the Nukia O1/Q1, a fake Nokia 7705 (Twist) which I acquired several months ago…

I’ll let my unboxing pictures and video do the talking – enjoy the quirky goodness (and some specs) after the break!

– Nice form factor
– Good build quality
– Quad-band GSM (instead of CDMA)
– Dual SIM (unlocked)
– QVGA touchscreen
– QWERTY keyboard
– Accelerometer
– Bluetooth
– FM radio
– Micro-SD support (2 GB card included)
– Micro USB support (mass storage)
– Lots of accessories (2 batteries included)
– Super cheap

– Crappy VGA camera (much worse than the Nokia 7705 camera)
– GPRS data only
– Proprietary micro-USB audio connector
– No Java support
– Poor software (but still better than the Nokia 7705 software)

9 thoughts on “Unboxing the Nukia O1/Q1 (fake Nokia 7705) Leave a comment

  1. That form factor is wicked! How come these fake phones are ALL dual SIM? That’s one thing that puzzles me? Funny it has software that’s better than Nokia though. Great stuff :-)

  2. One answer: China.

    These phones target Chinese customers mostly, because knock-offs are more acceptable. They’re made at home and don’t have the “tax” associated with all those pesky patents (you know, the hard work to invent all the stuff ripped off over there).

    But, the reason the Chinese like dual SIMs so much is because there are two main carriers: China Mobile and China Unicom (there’s also China Telecom, which is mostly CDMA). People like to have both GSM-dominant carriers in their phone for convenience of accessing both networks.

    Imagine if Sprint and Verizon didn’t exist for a minute. It would be a lot more attractive to have postpay service on one SIM, and a backup prepaid SIM ready to go for when the other carrier lacks coverage.

    In America, we don’t allow knockoffs and the carriers shun unlocked phones. Hence, no dual SIMs over here.

  3. Crazy ,would love to hack android onto that form factor. Did that ring actually light like on the original?

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