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Unboxing the BlackBerry 9800 (Torch), part 1

The BlackBerry 9800 (Torch) was announced with great fanfare last week, and the people at AT&T provided me with a review unit yesterday.

So far, critics agree that the Torch is under-screened and under-powered, that it’s too conservative and too bland to take on the competition…

I’ve already shared my ennui about the Torch, but I’m going to take it for a spin regardless. Enjoy the unboxing video, and expect some pictures and additional musings soon!

Update: First power on video after the break, with browser demo :)

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  1. Hello, Have you had a chance to see the HTC Desire with the SLCD screen? Wondering if it is better than the Blackbeery Torch screen or if it is the same poor quality. Real shame you can’t get the Desire with the AMOLED screen any more.


    • I have not, but I expect SLCD to be close to the IPS display used on the iPhone 4 in terms of TFT display quality, ie. leaps and bounds better than whatever cheap TFT display is used on the Torch.

      AMOLED is nice, but even Super AMOLED still washes out more than IPS TFT in direct sunlight.

      • Cool, thanks for the speedy reply. If you get a chance I’d like see your impressions of the Desire SLCD compared to your army of phones.

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