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Unboxing the Samsung Epic 4G, part 1

It’s here – the Samsung Epic 4G, the most feature-packed Galaxy S phone yet!

First impressions? As I mentioned yesterday:

Wow… The Epic 4G is something else! I think it’s even better than the EVO 4G – love the dedicated cam key, and the keyboard is über fab :)

Take the Captivate or Vibrant, replace GSM with CDMA, add 4G (WiMax), a landscape keyboard, a front-facing camera, a notification light, a shutter button, and an LED flash – that’s the Epic 4G.

Check out my unboxing video and jump to my first power on video below – it’s all quite epic :)

Pictures to follow. Thanks to the friendly people at Sprint for sending me a review unit 2 weeks before launch.

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  1. So the Epic4G has 1GB for App Storage, the Desire has 512Mb, but very soon there are going to be Android phones with 4GB for app storage like the Desire HD. I remember google saying Adroid would allow for app storage on the micro SD card, is this a feature that just hasn’t been widely adopted or is it a complete failure?

    For the consumer shopping for a new smartphone today how significant is the small amount of app storage on phones today compared to what will soon be available?

    Do you think Android phones with less than 1GB of app storage will be upgradeable to Gingerbread?

    I noticed Microsoft’s WP7 minimum specs of 8GB will help protect their customers from this kind of built in obsolescences. This makes is very hard to feel good about buying an android phone today. Looking forward to the upcoming battle between WP7 and Android and especially gingerbread.

  2. Really, really interested on a “camera” review in typical tnkgrl fashion for the Epic 4G, if you get some free time! Thanks again!

    • it’s in the works, most likely after I return from Burning Man.

      The short of it is that the camera is excellent, both for 5 MP stills and for 720p HD video recording.

      • tnk grl just to say i love the blog , it is first class and i also love the informative engadget mobile podcast , i pick it un in Dublin Ireland . im due an upgrade in December , what do you think , iphone 4 or samsung galaxy s ?

  3. I’ve got very mixed feelings about the Epic. I like the fact that it has a keyboard (we don’t get that a lot), but at 4 inches, I think that the size is a tad too big. 3.7 seems to be the sweet spot for a keyboard-toting Android device. For some reason, I’m not pissed off with TouchWiz on the Epic like I was on the Vibrant / Captivate.

    A few annoyances lie in the physical design. The power button is in the wrong place. Whenever I go to landscape, I always manage to turn the screen off. And the keyboard… wish the keys were offset, domed and the spacebar, a little bigger. But annoyed rant aside, I’m enjoying it.. so far.

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