Unboxing the Apple MacBook Air 11.6″

Wherein I present unboxing pictures (slide show) of my special ordered Apple MacBook Air 11.6″, complete with cameos by my MacBook Pro 13″, iPad, iPhone 4, and Acer Aspire 1410 – enjoy :)


8 Responses to Unboxing the Apple MacBook Air 11.6″

  1. Ian Perkins says:

    Wow, thanks for posting these. I’ve been looking forward to them. I’ll be interested to get your impressions on performance

    • tnkgrl says:

      I special ordered a 1.6 GHz model with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD. I switched from a MacBook Por 13″, 2.53 GHz model with 4 GB and a 128 GB SSD.

      Frankly, I don’t notice any difference. Screen resolution is similar, the MBA’s GPU is faster than my 1 year-old’s MBP (possibly offsetting the slower CPU), and I loose maybe 1.5 hour of battery life and the optical drive (which I rarely use) but gain tons of portability.

      If you ever use a Mac with an SSD, you’ll never go back to one with an HDD. After picking up my MPB, I upgraded my Mac mini (2.53 GHz, 4 GB RAM) to a 128 GB SSD as well.

      I think the 11.6′ form factor is the sweet spot for me (hence my Aspire 1410 PC), and I’ve been longing for a Mac that size for a long time.

      My primary Macs have been a PowerBook G4 12″ (Rev B, 1 GHz), a MacBook 13″ (Rev A, l.6 GHz Core Duo), a MacBook Air (Rev. A, 1.6 GHz, HDD), the aforementioned MBP 13″, and now the MBA 11.6″.

  2. databaseanalyst says:

    Do you ever stop to think about how your thoughts and interests on this Friday morning are reaching a random guy in Houston while he sits at his desk working? Your life has affected mine!

    Sorry for the philisophical moment. Great post, Myriam. I love your work and have the utmost intrigue and respect for your opinions on tech. You are easily my favorite engadget analyst and I just felt compelled to tell you that today! Keep doin’ what your doin’ and I’ll keep readin’!

  3. jhc says:

    Those pics from the n8 are phenomenal!

  4. Great pictures, what camera are you using?

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