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Quickie: LG Sentio

Oh how things have changed in 6 months! Last summer, the PR folks at T-Mobile sent me this LG Sentio review unit. I played with it briefly and promptly got distracted by other shiny things. Read on…

Today, it’s a feature phone that’s been completely eclipsed by the awesome (and affordable) LG Optimus T smartphone. In fact, considering the design parallels, the Sentio now merely looks and feels like a “poor-man’s” Optimus T.

Device pictures (slide show) and video:

– Small, thin, and light
– Decent 3 megapixel camera
– 3G (T-Mobile compatible), GPS, FM radio, and accelerometer
– Bluetooth ObEx (file transfer/sync), A2DP (stereo audio), and DUN (tethering)
– USB 2.0 mass storage support
– Visual voicemail
– Configurable messaging client (POP3/IMAP support)
– HTML web browser
– Google maps pre-installed

– Resistive touchscreen
– No camera auto-focus, macro, flash, or geo-tagging
– Poor video recording (QVGA)
– No multitasking other than music
– No gapless music playback
– No configurable IM client (no Jabber support)
– Crippled Java support (no data connectivity for installed applications)
– No iSync support (but vCard support)
– Semi-proprietary (USB) audio connector
– No memory card supplied with phone

Photo samples (slide show):

Video samples (download original, QVGA, 320×240 @ 15 fps):

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