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Nokia N75 video review

Here it is! My first video review…

In this video (part 1 above, part 2 & part 3 below) I’m reviewing the Nokia N75 from the perspective of an experienced Nokia N-series user.

Enjoy :)

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  1. very very nice review! it was very helpful for me. a few comments i’d like to make, next time u shoot a video review, u could look at the camera rather than the computer screen. other than that, thanks for a nice review!

  2. What a thorough review!
    me and the boyfriend are thinking about getting 2 and your review helped me decide but I still have to see it in person :P

    A1Wireless is giving the N75 for $49.95 with 2 year contract or renewal thru and amazon also has a $25 rebate

    good job tho, next time write on a piece of paper all your talking points to give even better review :)

  3. in your playing with the n75….have you successfully been able to use ANY mp3 as a ringtone?

    I recently got the handset from CingulATT and can’t seem to use any mp3 as a ringtone. I can play them as music and all, but when i try to configure the profile…zero.

    Nokia tells me that CingulATT programmed the unit so that users would be forced to purchase ringtones through MediaMall….CingulATT refuses to acknowledge that.

    What are your thoughts?

    I love the phone, love the interface but the whole mp3 thing is making me want to return the phone and buy the n80 from nokia directly.

  4. hey great reviews.. it’s really helpful. i’ve got a few questions about the phone and i hope you’d help me out here…

    1) i’ve read alot about how the battery sucks. is it true? if so- max 3hrs on the line and the phone practically dies on you?

    2) MSN messanger. is that included in the functions?

    3) mp3 ringingtone. i also read that you cannot have a full length mp3 file as your ringingtone because the file would be too big. is that also true?

    i’m deciding on three phones right now-
    nokia N76, N75 and N93i…

    kinda have my heart set on N75 though.
    what are your thoughts on it?

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