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See you in Seattle

As you know I’ve been looking for work in/near San Francisco. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find anything around here. When I’m employed, recruiters are constantly approaching me – when I’m not working, I’m not as lucky. It’s like relationships I guess – when you’re involved with someone, you’re more attractive to others :)

The plan was to keep looking in/near SF over the summer and to start expanding the search to Seattle after Burning Man – because as much as I very much like Seattle (I used to live there), I love SF!

But then I interviewed with a company near Seattle a couple of weeks ago, who made me a decent offer, so I’ll be starting the job before Burning Man, and returning to Seattle after my trip to the desert. That being said, I plan to be back in San Francisco regularly :)



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  1. Congratulations! View it not so much as change as an opportunity! Good luck to you, I am confident you will have a good time and be successful no matter where you happen to reside. :)

  2. Gratz on the new job – there are many that will miss you and I am certainly one of them. Although as teched out as you are, distance can hold no bounds on you. :) Best of luck, both your gadgets and your conversations were always interesting. :)

  3. Congrats. You deserve the best.

    You would be a better fit in Chicago though.

    Chicago, being a “real” big city, has many more job opportunities then “little ole” San Francisco and “little ole” Seattle.

    The gay community in ChiTown is huge also.

    Check it out.

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